Components manufactured by Numac are often deployed in highly hostile environments and in applications where failure can be both catastrophic and costly (e.g. in sub sea applications in the Oil & Gas Industry). For this reason, quality and efficiency are vital in all aspects of the work undertaken by Numac.

Numac are certified to ISO9001:2008, and have key systems optimised for efficiency:

Off-line CNC machine programming - All programming is done off line and then uploaded to the shop floor as needed. This ensures that machine set up time is minimised so maximising efficiency & reducing costs, and allows programming to be carried out by dedicated, specialist engineers.

Automated tool delivery systems - Cutting tools are automatically allocated to a job, maximising efficiency & ensuring that the correct tool is always available.

Continual investment in state of the art CNC equipment - Numac are continually investing in new Mazak machine tools, so ensuring that processes are always up to date, and the newest technologies are always available.